October 14, 2014

Cool Collabs - October

#1 Accessory Concierge's "Fight Like a Girl" Bangle, $32

Supporting the fight against breast cancer has never been more chic than with this brass bangle-- and 20% of each purchase will be shared with breastcancerfund.org

#2 Sak's Key to the Cure tee

Designed by Michael Kors, this trendy tee also helps to support the fight against breast cancer by giving $30 of each sale to various breast cancer charities

#3 Club Monaco's Campbell jewelry, $75 - $165

Featured as part of CM's curated "Pieces" line of cool jewelry from designers around the world, Campbell is delicate yet intricate perfection

#4 The Limited's "Scandal-inspired" Cape Trench coat, $228

I don't even watch the show yet I love how sophisticated this whole collection for The Limited is. I had the privilege of meeting the stylist of Scandal this past spring and now I understand where the style genius that is Olivia Pope was birthed from

October 5, 2014

Amavo Amore

sweater: Amavo Boutique  -  shirt: Express  -  shoes: Dolce Vita  -  purse: Zara

October is upon us and with that I'm officially ready to accept the fact that it's now sweater weather. The seasonal transition was really made easy this year thanks to Amavo Boutique and this amazing tie dye cardigan. The perfect mix of boho and chic, this sweater address the need for the quintessential fall sweater staple, which is why over the next three posts I'm going to be highlighting all the different ways you can rock this piece-- and if you'd like to try yourself (and join in the fun) you can with 15% off using the code "catwalk15"  to get this cardigan or 15% off anything on the site!

For the first post of the triad of posts I wanted to highlight the easiest way to wear this cardigan which is setting it back to black. By letting the cardigan act as the conversation piece of your outfit you won't take away from it's detail and you'll keep the look refined. I do suggest, however, to add in an additional level of interest with your accessories-- here is where you can add in a color pop if you'd like! Since I wore this gem on a day where I was running around town going to vendor appointments I kept it classic, but don't be afraid to have some fun. 

September 28, 2014

Treasure Found

shirt: Rachel Roy (solid version similar here) -  skirt: Capelli  -  sunnies: Aldo  -  shoes: Steve Madden  -  tote: Zara

This weekend was full of awesomeness. Yesterday was spent soaking up the last rays of summer at the Global Citizens Festival where we jammed out to the likes of No Doubt, Fun, Jay Z and a surprise guest... BEYONCE! I've always found her fascinating but I now fully understand the allure after seeing her live. She flawless and so fierce. Am I girl crushing right now? Umm yup. Then today was spent in a more chill way as I enjoyed the lovely streets of Brooklyn as a few of us toured the Dumbo Arts Festival. The photos above are from the festival, but I'm sad to say that I prematurely snapped the palm reading sign before I was able to sit down (the line was too damn long for a hot day). But I have to say that regardless of the line, the thought of getting my palms read scares the heck out of me. I know some people say it's all made up and there's nothing to fear, but what if they aren't making it up? It's terrifying to me because (assuming that since you're born with the lines on your palms and you can't do anything to change them) the idea that somebody can read the lines and tell you something about you means that in a way your life's story has already been written... and I like to think that I'm writing my own story each and every day.

September 15, 2014

Hug Life

shirt: James Perse  -  sunnies: Aldo  -  shoes: Coach  -  jeans: Urban Outfitters  -  tote: F21

Happy Monday everbody! #huglife

September 5, 2014

In a Flash

vest: DIY project  -  dress: sample sale -  belt: vintage  -  heels: Nine West  -  sunnies: Warby Parker "Winston"  -  necklace: Kira Kira  -  metallic tattoos: Flash Tatoos

Did you ever think about how if everything does truly happen for a reason then every little detail would also be taken into consideration? For example, yesterday I missed a subway by a second which initially made me annoyed because I just wanted to get home already, but then I thought: "what if I missed that train for a reason?" Whether the reason was big or small (something as small as I would have sat down next to somebody who had  cold and I would have therefore got a cold too) I like to think it happened for a reason. This is the kind of notion I like to live by to keep everthing into perspective sometimes. Try it next time you feel yourself getting angry or ajitated and let me know how it works out. Happy Friday ya'll!