September 15, 2014

Hug Life

shirt: James Perse  -  sunnies: Aldo  -  shoes: Coach  -  jeans: Urban Outfitters  -  tote: F21

Happy Monday everbody! #huglife

September 5, 2014

In a Flash

vest: DIY project  -  dress: sample sale -  belt: vintage  -  heels: Nine West  -  sunnies: Warby Parker "Winston"  -  necklace: Kira Kira  -  metallic tattoos: Flash Tatoos

Did you ever think about how if everything does truly happen for a reason then every little detail would also be taken into consideration? For example, yesterday I missed a subway by a second which initially made me annoyed because I just wanted to get home already, but then I thought: "what if I missed that train for a reason?" Whether the reason was big or small (something as small as I would have sat down next to somebody who had  cold and I would have therefore got a cold too) I like to think it happened for a reason. This is the kind of notion I like to live by to keep everthing into perspective sometimes. Try it next time you feel yourself getting angry or ajitated and let me know how it works out. Happy Friday ya'll!

August 19, 2014

Across the Pond

hat: Madewell (solid version here) -  jeans: Carmar  -  shoes: Converse "Fancy" (low top version here)  -  tank: Gap  -  sunnies: Ray Ban  -  tote: old

The view from Eleanor's Pier on Roosevelt Island is breathtaking.