April 22, 2014

B&W Musings

I was having a conversation the other day at work about spring trends and somebody gave me one of the most awesome compliments I could have received: They said they admired how I follow trends but never wear them how everyone else is, but instead make them my own. My heart stopped. That really is what blogging is all about, am I right!? Yes, it's common for bloggers to fall in love with the same things (hence the birth of the anti blog SFBW) but the beauty and the fun is to take that trend and hone in on how it can be yours and yours alone. 

The above pictures are a compilation of black and white inspired looks that I adore and can't wait to translate into my own wardrobe this spring/summer. What I adore is that even though these are two basic colors they can take on such new life based on how they are styled:

1- The first grouping resonates to me based on its grunge appeal
2- I adore the understated garments in the 2nd assortment because of their great draping & silhouettes
3- The concert-chic version of the trend (complete with an arm full of bangles) 
4- Sleek looks that are purposely understated with the addition of the ripped denim. 

How will you be rocking your B&W basics this summer?

April 13, 2014


red blazer: J. Lopez at Kohl's  -  leopard sweater: Nordstrom  -  tank: old  -  necklace: F21  -  sunnies: Ray Ban

We had visitors this weekend and I have to say that it was fun being a tourist again. It's funny how you look past things when you see them all the time but experiencing them with somebody who is seeing it for the first time makes it all new again. Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

April 10, 2014

View From Above

shirt: All Saints  -  jeans: Gap  -  shoes: Shultz  -  sunglasses: RayBan  -  necklace: F21

Today was one of those bi-polar type of days. After receiving some unfortunate news around lunch I felt really down and lost. But I'm the kind of person that I can't stay angry or sad for long. I like to instead take those emotions and do something productive with them. So by 4pm I was out on the 20th floor terrace at work taking photos to clear my head... and it worked! I was able to sit back down, focus and take action. Better watch out- I'm coming for yah! =)

April 6, 2014

Calming Vibes

skirt: H&M  -  sunnies: Nasty Gal  -  bracelet: vintage  -  shoes: Zara

It's funny how noise travels in NYC. The horn of a cab can echo throughout the entire block, my apt hallway sounds like the TV isle in Best Buy (where 10 TVs are all on but playing at different times til it all gets muddled together), but somehow my roof is silent. It's become an oasis from all the clamoring chaos and as summer steadily approaches I'm sure looking forward to nights spent up there with good friends and good wine. Cheers to spring and to summer on the horizon...

April 3, 2014

UO's Space Ninety 8 Hits Brooklyn

Walking down Williamsburg's 6th St on my way to see Cherub, I walked past a new attraction for the fashion-minded and the culinary gurus. DJ'ed by Theophilus London, the music from inside the venue flooded the sidewalk so I naturally couldn't help but become intrigued enough to stop and watch the red-lipped fashion industry it-girls sip on cocktails for a minute (ohh how I love people-watching). But was was the event? I just couldn't quite make out the store. Was it a mall? A restaurant? A bazaar? The building said "Space Ninety 8" yet I hadn't heard of the store before...

My curiosity continued throughout the night and when I got home I searched to find that this "Space Ninety 8" is actually Urban Outfitters' new concept store that opens today! The new store, which is 5 floors in total, houses everything from one-of-a-kind jewelry to your usual Urban finds like acid wash denim and tribal printed everything. Oh, and you can't forget the restaurant inside of Space Ninety 8, which is an extension of LA's Gorbel's, and is the perfect place to park your boyfriend on a Saturday while you shop. Judging by the pictures it seems as though he may need to take a seat... you're going to stay a while.