April 23, 2012

"A" Magazine has arrived!

I had the privilege of being a stylist and editor of the inaugural issue of Kent State's "A" Magazine which came out just last week. It is the first and only fashion magazine here at Kent, therefore, the road wasn't always paved and well lit. There were times where we were struggling to make it work and pave our own path, but in the end I couldn't be more happier with the end result. Above is the cover and a few photos from a shoot I styled featuring Ryan Haber, an amazing up-and-coming shoe designer. Learn his name now, ladies... but really. In these photos I tried to play up the sleek sexiness of Ryan Haber's collection. The cover, on the other hand, I tried to make eye-catching and bold, and this maxi was screaming my name when I saw it.  The stills of the shoes were even fun to work with, as you can see with our crazy stacking of the "monster" heel.

Your can find "A" Mag's website HERE, and for more images you can download the entire issue for free on iTunes!

Photos by Matt Hafley
Styled by me
Modeled by Michaela Neu

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