April 26, 2012

Final Fashion Blitz- Behind the Scenes

I know I posted a few of these videos before, so some of you may be familiar with the subject, but for those of you who are wondering what is going on, I'm here to explain!

For the past year I've had an amazing opportunity to style for my school's newspaper, The Daily Kent Stater, along with three other extremely talented fashion students. Being that this if the first year that Kent ever had a fashion page in the paper, the whole endeavor was one big experiment. Sometimes we would look at the issue in print and think "wow, that look didn't photograph well..." but be learned from it and then the next week we'd come back and say "I'm obsessed with this look!"

Each styling segment was called "Fashion Blitz" and the looks were composed of articles of clothing that was pulled by us from local retailers around Kent/Akron/Cleveland. All of us had a unique style to bring to the table, so each of our looks embodied different aesthetics for students to relate to. This video segment features clothing from The Fashion School Store in downtown Kent, OH. The store features all student or alumni work, so everything in the store is hand made and one-of-a kind! If you live in the area and you like what you see in this video, I highly advise you all to stop by and check out the assortment.

Videographer: Anthony Garcia
Photographer: Matt Hafley
Model: Michaela Neu
Stylists: Me, Karen Zapp, Ashley Jaros

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